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Fraction Packs
Also known as a 'frac pack', fraction packs are great for just about anywhere that you need to brew a pot of coffee. The coffee is already ground and measured to make a perfect and consistent 10-12 cup pot of coffee every time. Just open the pouch, pour into the filter and start brewing. These are especially useful for offices, churches, restaurants, schools and hotels, but are just as good at home too.
Filter Packs
Filter packs are similar to fraction packs, but the coffee is sealed inside a filter bag. This makes it even easier to make a pot of coffee, and cleanup is even easier since the coffee grounds are contained within the filter.
Single-Serve K-Cups®/RealCup
We offer several products that are compatible with Keurig K-Cup® brewers. This is great when you have multiple people who have different tastes, or don't want to commit to a full pot of coffee.
Single-Serve Coffee Pods
Coffee pods are single-serve coffee that is already packed inside a filter, similar to the larger filter packs. Pods are used in specifically designed pod brewers and are similar in functionality to K-Cups® without the plastic.

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