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Fraction Packs

Fraction Packs

Fractional pack coffee is the key to consistent coffee in the office or at home. The vast majority of offices today purchase coffee in what is known as fraction packs or ‘frac packs’. A frac pack is a small bag that contains just the right amount of ground coffee to brew one perfect 64 oz pot.

There  are several advantages to these frac packs. The first and probably most important is the consistent taste profile that comes from using the exact same amount of coffee to brew each pot; never too strong or too weak. Another equally important  benefit of frac packs is product freshness. The process of packing SMALL individual bags of coffee gives the roaster the opportunity to “flush” the packaging with nitrogen which eliminates the coffee’s exposure to oxygen. Why open a pound of coffee when you’re only going to use 1.5 ounces? Purchase your coffee in 1.5 ounce fraction packs and keep the rest of your coffee nice and fresh until it’s time to brew again.

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