Squeak 'n Clean Ultimate Coffee Pot Cleaner 12 oz
Squeak 'n Clean Ultimate Coffee Pot Cleaner 12 oz

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Squeak 'n Clean Ultimate Coffee Pot Cleaner 12 oz

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Squeak 'n Clean is a liquid cleaner that has been formulated to prevent odors, stains and the build up of coffee oil. This blue coffee pot cleaner will save you money, by reducing cleaning time. You can see it working. Just add a few squirts of Squeak 'n Clean and the color will change from blue to green when it comes in contact with coffee or tea residue. Squeak 'n Clean is non-toxic, easy to use and leaves no aftertaste or harsh chemicals in your coffee, urns, decanters, air pots or thermal servers.

  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to use
  • Blue liquid coffee pot cleaner
  • Approximately 26 applications per bottle
  • 12.5 oz per bottle

UPC: 073144000120


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  • Is this a concentrate, and does it stink while cleaning your coffee maker,we use vinegar now l have copd and cant stand the smell

    It's not a concentrate.  Liquid sold ready for use.  It doesn't have a smell.

  • What will remove the sticky residue from the tape used to secure the bottle cap?

    We put the tape on them before packing because the bottle caps have been know to come loose and spill out.  You can try rubbing alcohol, WD-40, or Goo Gone.

  • What are the ingredients?

    I looked long and hard to find this answer but apparently it's a trade secret.  However they do have an official document online related to material safety for you to read.


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Squeak n clean
Squek N Clean

We have had issues in the past with the bottles breaking open and spilling during shipment. In a case like that we have to absorb the cost of replacing the product. I would rather taking a couple extra minutes checking the tops are screwed on. Taping them and putting them in bubble wrap mailers. The case they are shipped to us from the supplier has no room for additional packing material. We take the extra step to insure your product arrives intact.

Happy to find Squeak 'n Clean
Squeak n clean

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