Squeak 'n Clean Ultimate Coffee Pot Cleaner 12 oz
Squeak 'n Clean Ultimate Coffee Pot Cleaner 12 oz

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Squeak 'n Clean Ultimate Coffee Pot Cleaner 12 oz

Squeak 'n Clean is a liquid cleaner that has been formulated to prevent odors, stains and the build up of coffee oil. This blue coffee pot cleaner will save you money, by reducing cleaning time. You can see it working. Just add a few squirts of Squeak 'n Clean and the color will change from blue to green when it comes in contact with coffee or tea residue. Squeak 'n Clean is non-toxic, easy to use and leaves no aftertaste or harsh chemicals in your coffee, urns, decanters, air pots or thermal servers.

  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to use
  • Blue liquid coffee pot cleaner
  • Approximately 26 applications per bottle
  • 12.5 oz per bottle

UPC: 073144000120

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Customer Reviews

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My carafe is no longer doomed to internal deep


Great so far

The Blue Juice

Years ago, I was in charge of the coffee at work (the only way to get a reliably good cup) and I would always order the coffee and supplies by phone. Our coffee service only offered your product and I was always impressed by it’s effectiveness with no aftertaste, but when I ordered, it was always the “Blue Juice”. When I moved on, I always meant to go back and find out where to get it, but somehow, never did. Long story short—I was really happy to see it on line and it works great—just like I remember.

Squeak n Clean

This product worked great was able to get all of the coffee pots clean like never before

Squeak n Clean

I had a very tough Coffee stain at the bottom of my thermos and I was hoping this stuff would do the trick since traditional methods had not prevailed. It was like magic and I have shiny metal again. No smell, no fumes and it's gentle. I will be a return customer for sure.