Nestle Nescafe Butterfinger Flavor (chocolate buttercrisp toffee) Cappuccino Mix 2 lb Bag Nestle
Nestle Nescafe Butterfinger Flavor (chocolate buttercrisp toffee) Cappuccino Mix 2 lb Bag Nestle

Nestle Nescafe Butterfinger Flavor (chocolate buttercrisp toffee) Cappuccino Mix 2 lb Bag

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Butterfinger Cappuccino Mix

Nestle's Nescafe Butterfinger (Chocolate Buttercrisp Toffee) cappuccino mix is perfect for use in foodservice operations, such as restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, cafes and vending. Nescafe Butterfinger cappuccino mix is specially formulated for commercial cappuccino whipper machines, but can also be mixed with hot water manually.

  • Butterfinger flavored cappuccino mix
  • Specially formulated for cappuccino whipper machines
  • Can also be mixed with hot water manually
  • Hot water soluble
  • Orthodox Union Kosher
  • Approximately 32 servings per bag
  • 2 lbs per bag

Please note: as of May 2020 the product name has changed to Chocolate Buttercrisp Toffee.  It's the same product and just a name change. Ingredients and product number are the same.  If you order Butterfinger and receive Chocolate Buttercrisp Toffee you have not received the wrong order!

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  • Where can I find the nutritional info on this butterfinger cappuccino?

    I will edit the product description soon but here are the ingredients -

    Sugar, corn maltodextrin, nonfat dry milk, hydrogenated vegetable oils (coconut or palm kernel and soybean), corn  syrup solids, coffee, artificial and natural flavors (contains milk), cocoa processed with alkali, cellulose gum, caramel color, casein, sodium aluminosilicate, salt, dipotassium phosphate, mono- and diglycerides, yellow 5, yellow 6, diacetyl tartaric acid ester of mono- and diglycerides, sodium hydroxide.

  • Do you have the Butterfinger brand or Chocolate Buttercrisp toffee in stock.? I Prefer butterfinger and not the substitute.

    if the "Add to Cart" button is visiable (instead of a sold out or pre-order button) then we have the item in stock.  They have changed the name from Butterfinger to Chocolate Buttercrisp Toffee.  They are the same product. The product lavel and SKU number are the same.

Customer Reviews

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I absolutely love having this on hand so perfect on the weekend mornings in the cold Michigan winters. I am very satisfied with the product and service from this company.


My second order with you, very satisfied once again with your product and customer service...thanks!!

Don’t do away with this coffee

I had found this coffee in a local convenient store , but they no longer carry this . I don’t drink a lot of coffee but I do drink this . It is awesome.

Thank you for the positive review! If you have received the product recently you may have noticed the name changed. This is the same product but instead of Butterfinger it is not going under the name of Chocolate Buttercrisp Toffee. We are keeping the Butterfinger name in the product listing as that is what our customers will be shopping for.

Butterfinger Lover

OMGoodness! This is beyond delicious. If you’re a Butterfinger lover like me, you will be so pleased. Shipping was fast and packaging was good. Very satisfied.😃


This coffee is in the vending machine at work fell in love with it. Wanted to be able to make it at home on the weekends. Was so happy to be able to purchase it. and at such a fantastic price. Will be putting in another order soon