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Zoom Flavia Lemon Peach Immunity Tea - 18ct rail

Flavia Lemon Peach Immunity Tea - 18ct rail

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Flavia Lemon Peach Immunity Tea 

What you put in your body directly influences how you perform. This is just as important in the workplace as in the gym. Ingredients chosen based on scientific evidence to improve brain function and health. Give your office what they need by providing drinks that boost their performance at work- focus, attention, staying well, and sustained energy.

Our Immunity tea supports a healthy immune system with 20% of the recommended amount of daily Vitamin C. Made with real teal leaves and containing ingredients such as lemongrass, hibiscus and goji, Immunity tea is delicious and provides the wellness you need at work.


If you wish to buy a full case worth then a full case will be 5 rails

Great for personal home use,
home office, small office, hotels, waiting rooms, etc.

Lemongrass, Rose Hips, White Hibiscus Flowers, Orange Peels, Hibiscus Flowers, Natural Flavoring, Chicory Root, Goji Juice Granules, Vitamin C

Flavia Lemon Peach Immunity Tea - 18ct rail

12.99 Regular price


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