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Zoom Bright Tea Flavia Green with Jasmine

Bright Tea Flavia Green Tea with Jasmine

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A light, pleasing floral characteristics, on top of a sweet, vegetative nutty green tea base.

One rail contains 20 fresh packs - One case contains 100

Green Tea with jasmine is light-bodied with a refreshing taste and fragrant aroma of jasmine. This green tea, harvested in Northern China, balances its vegetative taste with the subtle floral notes of jasmine. Jasmine flowers are gently blended into the green tea to transfer the delicate floral aroma to the leaves.
Tea comes in convenient Freshpacks. Each Freshpack contains the exact amount to brew a perfect single cup of tea and acts as the brew chamber for your drink so your cup never tastes like the last beverage that was brewed. Freshpacks are used in Flavia Creation 150, Creation 200 and Creation 500 (all sold separately). Simply slip the pouch into the pack door, and the machine pierces the pack seal to create your delicious beverage. For single-serve sustainability, innovative pouches.

Bright Tea Flavia Green Tea with Jasmine



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