Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be automatically Notified if a product is back in stock?

Yes!  Any product that is currently out of stock has form on the page to leave your e-mail address.  One the product is listed back in stock you will be automatically notified!

Is there a K cup maker that you can attach a water supply line to so you don\'t have to fill a tank?

The K150P and 150P with filter kit we sell are equipped for this.  We also have an option on our uniserve k cup brewer to do the same.

How do you make the Cold Brew Coffee?

Add the filter pack to 64 ounces (half gallon) of water and place in the refrigerator After 24 hours, carefully remove the filter pack Add cream and sugar, or enjoy it black

What is the differences in the K150 options in the drop down list?

The differences in the K150 vairients are as follows:

K150 - (Manual fill) - The water must be filled manually. The option is best for home offices, hotel rooms, waiting rooms and other locations where their is not close hook up to a water line.

K150P - (Plumbed) This model has a connection so a water line can be attached. Ideal for office breakrooms and other location, hotel dining rooms and other places with a lot of traffic.

K150P + Filter Kit - Same as the above K150 but come with first filter (you can buy filter replacements from us) and connectors to attach to the water line to ensure the best taste. We advise buying at least one extra filter so you can switch out quickly before reordering.  The replacement filters can be found at