Coffee for your Hair Salon or Barber Shop

Coffee for Your Hair Salon or Barber Shop

For a lot of people, getting a haircut is much more than just a business transaction. Your stylist or barber is more like a friend. They provide better, more personal service than going to larger, cheaper chain shops for a haircut. 

An easy and inexpensive way for a hair salon or barber shop to treat their clients like friends while they wait for their turn in the chair is to offer high quality, delicious coffee and tea in the waiting area. Offering your clients a drink makes them feel appreciated and pampered. The Coffee Shopping Network offers multiple solutions to help you set your business apart from those 'other guys'.

Are you already serving coffee?

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Want to start offering coffee?

Keep reading below to learn about the pros and cons of using the different types of coffee brewers in your business.

Hair Salon Coffee

Single Cup Coffee

One way to provide coffee is with single cup coffee and tea. You can install a relatively small brewer in the lobby, and let your clients choose the type of coffee or tea they want, and they can make a cup if they want it. CSN offers single cup coffee and tea in the K-Cup format or in Pods with options for automatic brewers (plumbed to water line) or manual operation (fill the reservoir with water).

Advantages of single cup
The biggest advantage of single cup is VARIETY. You can easily offer something for everyone. Light roast, medium roast, dark roast, flavored coffee, black, green and herbal teas? No problem.
No airpots or decanters to clean.
The purchase price of the brewers is generally less expensive than batch brew equipment.
Disadvantages of single cup
The cost per cup with single serve can be comparable to cost to brew an entire pot of coffee with fractional pack coffee.
Coffee for Barber Shop

Batch Brew Coffee

Batch brew (making a pot of coffee) is the most commonly used method for serving coffee. You can either brew your coffee into an airpot, which will keep the coffee hot for hours, or you can brew into glass decanters that sit on a warmer to keep from going cold. CSN offers batch brewers from Bunn. You can either purchase a pourover brewer, which will require that you pour the water into the machine to brew a pot of coffee, or automatic models that connect directly to the water line. The primary advantage to the automatic models is the attached hot water faucet, which allows your clients to easily get hot water to make tea. 

Advantages of batch brew
The cost per pot of coffee using fractional pack coffee can be as low as the cost of a single K-Cup.
There is also less trash created with batch brew, making it easier to clean up and keep your shop looking its best.
Disadvantages of batch brew
It is more difficult to offer variety compared to single cup coffee. Using multiple airpots is a good solution for this. You can brew multiple varieties of coffee, and even fill one with hot water for tea drinkers.
Batch brew requires shop staff to brew coffee and clean pots.

Recommended Coffee Service Equipment for Hair Salons and Barber Shops

Below you will find the equipment we have hand-picked for your salon or barber shop. These machines offer the best value, features and convenience to make you and your clients happy.

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