Nespresso…The key that opens Pandora’s Box of new coffee experiences.

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Coffee is great! We all love it, but when it comes to truly enjoyable variety in the coffee world the key is espresso! The problem has been that we Americans don’t really know how to brew a great shot of espresso.

Well thanks to our friends at Nestle, that is no longer a problem with the introduction of Nespresso. Nespresso is an affordable and reliable brewing system that uses small capsules to make the perfect shot of espresso fast and easy. It is a whole new world. Now you can have an afternoon shot of espresso, a café latte, a cappuccino, or even an Americano. The coffee world is now yours to explore and the number of drinks you can make with espresso is limitless. You will learn new coffee words to impress your friends with like Intenso, Dolcetto, and Aromatico. All I can say is THANK YOU Nespresso for opening a whole new window into the world of coffee enjoyment for us here in States.

At CSN we carry a large selection of Organic Fair Trade Espresso Capsules from Barrie House. You can choose from Pure Origin Espressos that are slow roasted in small batches to develop the beans to their full flavor and individual character or Espresso Blends for a consistently perfect coffee every time.

Pure Origin Espresso

Barrie House Mexican Select Espresso CapsulesBarrie House Guatemalan Guaya'B Espresso CapsulesBarrie House Ethiopian Sidamo Espresso CapsulesBarrie House Sumatra Kopi GR-1 Espresso Capsules

Espresso Blends

Barrie House Dolcetto Espresso CapsulesBarrie House Intenso Espresso CapsulesBarrie House Aromatico Espresso CapsulesBarrie House Decaffeinato Espresso Capsules

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Nespresso Pods Nespresso Brewer 

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