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Flavia News Outgoing and incoming Products

As you may be aware we have had several Flavia products that have recently been discontinued including Costa Rica and French Roast Decaf. We are now getting news that the following products are being discontinued including

  • Italian Roast
  • House Blend
  • Barista's Blend and
  • Donut Shop Dark
Flavia Products

The good news is we still have plenty of stock of the above 4 in the list so get them while you can!  This is news straight from the manufacturer and not just a supplier. Our competitors will not have access either and we appreciate your continued business!

We recommend trying out the following products to replace those listed 

House Blend Decaf in place of French Roast Decaf

French Roast in place of Italian Roast

Now for some good or at least interesting news!  Flavia was purchased by Lavazza some time ago and they are replacing some of these discontinued products with their own comparable brand.

Coming soon will be Lavazza Gran Aroma to replace Morning Roast, Lavazza Gran Selezione, and Lavazza Perfetto in Place of French Roast.


Stock up now on the following products while supplies last 


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Eric Loch

Thanks for this info. Will they be bringing back the French Roast decaf? I don’t drink caffeine and the House Blend tastes terrible.

Thank you.

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