CSN News for May 22, 2020

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coffee memorial dayGood afternoon!  I hope everyone will have a safe Memorial Day weekend. (We will be Closed Memorial Day May 25, 2020)






We have updated our stock levels so everything that is listed with what we currently have available have available in our warehouse as of 5/22/2020.  If you see a product we are currently out off please sign up to receive updates with the form on each product page.  As soon as we update our stock levels you will be automatically notified when the item you wish to purchase is back in stock.

Based on customer feedback and questions we have added a shopping cart button on each page that will take you directly to checkout.  You can also click on the shopping cart button on each product to quickly add items to your cart.

Each product page also has a new "ask a question" feature.  The is to cover an information not already listed in the product description, etc.  If you leave a question we will post with an answer!

 Also we are getting more products added whenever possible. If you would like to see any other features or improvements let us know!   


By the way we have a good stock of Urnex clean cups  for your Keurig K-CupUrnex Clean Cup BREWERS - These are great for cleaning the K-Cup holder area of your Keurig Brewer. If you brewer has ever had a hard time running a cup or if the taste seems off it usually means that part of the machine needs cleaning.  Check out the product page for more info. 

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