A New Look at Flavored Coffee

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Most coffee lovers have tried flavored coffee at some point in their coffee drinking journey. I must admit, the first time I tried a flavored coffee I was not impressed. The French Vanilla coffee I tried had a distinctively syrupy taste that got in the way of my real coffee enjoyment.

One of the standard methods for producing flavored coffee is to first roast the green coffee beans and then after the roasting process is completed the roasted beans are soaked in a liquid flavoring concentrate.  When we at CSN decided to start offering flavored coffee to our customers we looked for a roaster with a new and better approach to flavoring coffee and boy did we find it!

Our Signature Roasters line of flavored coffees are produced by roasting top quality Arabica beans to perfection. The coffee is then ground to our specifications. Once the coffee has been roasted and ground, the coffee is “blown” into a flavoring system where the selected flavor is atomized into the ground coffee in mist form. This process is the key to our very popular flavored coffee line. These flavored coffees come in fraction packs, so the coffee is already ground and measured to make a perfect pot of coffee every time. Every box of Signature Roasters Flavored Coffee includes a free pack of coffee filters.

Available in French VanillaHazelnut Supreme, Southern Pecan, Jamaican Me Crazy and Sinful Delight, I think you will find that our flavored coffees are a wonderful afternoon coffee option. 

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